WinCustomize Website Review & Ratings + WinCustomize Coupons
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WinCustomize Website Review & Ratings + WinCustomize Coupons

WinCustomize : Products & Services is an online company and a community whose goal is to act as a general skin site to the community and society as whole. There are varieties of applications that can be skinned that are available to use, and Wincustomize offers downloadable content for the most popular applications such as Window Blinds and Desks capes. It is also designed as an entry point for new users into the exciting world of skinning with tutorials, wiki, and a friendly community. Through Wincustomize, one is able to download skins, themes, icons, wallpapers, and more that will let them customize every part of the Windows operating system. The site hence provides skins and themes to customize one’s windows for the ultimate classy feel.

WinCustomize : Company Background

The use of windows has been greatly appreciated since the dawn of the millennium. With this in mind, a group of programmers namely Island Dog, Frogboy, Jafo and Karmagirl, T-Man, and Yarlen came up with the idea to work together and form the Wincustomize community. With this in mind, Wincustomize was founded to provide OS customization services by allowing users to download skins and use them to customize their windows. The company was founded in early 2004 and has been in existence for at least 8 years. Wincustomize has its servers and base located in USA and serves a great number of Windows users across the globe.

WinCustomize : Customer Feedback & Reviews

In terms of client feedback, the company has been noted as a pioneer in production of great and cutting edge skins. They have a variety of skins that can be accessed directly from their website. Wincustomize provides their customers with conclusive information on their skins and download content. One of the companies’ most successful skins service is the DeskScapes Gallery Updated for DeskScapes 8 which gained a lot of positive comments and feedback from various users with Hackerboy defining it as “satisfactory and worth the wait” in the DeskScapes Forum. User reviews on some of their skins has been greatly appraised such as Tech Crunch review of the best customization sites for windows terming the website as “Authentic in nature and service delivery”. In general, there has been positive feedback regarding the website and this has impressed various clients who are pleased with their service.

WinCustomize : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Credibility is one of the companies best suite and they have been credited by WQA standards and certification in being a quality web service provider. The skins provided by the website are authentic and work on all versions of windows specified and clients who use their service have termed them as trustworthy hence enhancing their credibility despite them not being BBB (Better Business Bureau)  accredited. They have used their community based approach to build trust and credibility from users who form the basis of their community and this has attracted many new clients and users.

WinCustomize : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

In the field of web popularity, Wincustomize is not far off from bigger customization sites such as Windows Themes as its popularity is growing especially in African countries. Wincustomize traffic statistics on Alexa, results show that in the past month, it is ranked as #134,357 globally and Wincustomize was given a 5 out of ten rank from Google PageRank  which is considerably a high ranking due to its provision of quality windows customization services and client satisfaction. Being an online company which provides customization services to hundreds of clients, Wincustomize relies greatly on building traffic to the website to increase their profit margins.

WinCustomize : Social Media Presence

Social media presence is one of the areas where Wincustomize has stayed abreast with its competition and is making quite a huge impact. Their Facebook Page has over 5,393 likes and more than 1073 people talking about it. The Twitter Page is not far behind with over 1,140 Tweets  and 570 Followers. They also have a YouTube channel called Stardock Software where they have 1,275 subscribers with over 1,994,449 video views.

WinCustomize : Website Security & Safety

Wincustomize does not practice or tolerate internet insecurity in any shape or form as it is a community website. A test on McAfee Site Advisor was conducted, and the results also showed that no significant problems were found on the website. Wincustomize also uses a secure connection (https ://) upon taking your personal and billing information when buying skins directly from their website. Another Google diagnostic test on their official website shows that the website is not listed as suspicious nor has it exhibited malicious activity within the past 90 days hence safe for browsing.

WinCustomize : Pricing & Packages

When it comes to pricing, Wincustomize provide most of their skins free to community member. However if one desires to upgrade their account, they are able to do so through a margin on levels ranging from Citizen to a master or journeyman at a cheap fee for premium membership. The skins which they sell are sold for about $5 which is extremely pocket friendly. The more advanced windows skins range between $10-$20 and many user have expressed their satisfaction with Wincustomize compared to their competition which charges up to $25 for windows skins.

WinCustomize : Shipping Rates & Policies

Wincustomize does not offer shipping services for their products as they are purchased online. However one has an option of placing an order with an external shipping product company but Wincustomize will not claim liability for any goods lost during transit or spoilt during transit. Their skin customization products can be purchased directly from their official website and downloaded to one’s windows device for custom modification to produce the ultimate appeal in terms of efficiency and appearance.

WinCustomize : Payment Methods Accepted

When purchasing skins directly from Wincustomize they offer a variety of payment methods. One has the options of choosing between MoneyGram, credit card, PayPal, Visa or Master Card as your payment method. Billing security is assured since they are verified by Global Sign and SSL. It is hence secure to purchase skins directly from Wincustomize and maintain confidentiality of one’s financial details.

WinCustomize : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

With regard to liability and return policy, Wincustomize are not liable for the contents of the site. They will do their best to keep the site's integrity intact but ultimately when clients upload something, the responsibility is on clients that they're uploading original materials and authentic ones. In case a skin is not working properly, it can be re-submitted within 48 hours for it to be fixed and redelivered to the client. Additional guidelines can be read up on suggestions that moderators have put together  here .

WinCustomize : Product images & screenshots
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